DAY 1: 9am-5pm

Morning: Principles of brand strategy
What is a brand? How can you measure its value? What is the relationship between a brand and profits? What makes certain brands “charismatic” and others not? What’s the role of design in building a brand? We’ll explore these and other questions using a combination of slides, discussion, and collaborative exercises.

What you’ll learn about
• The new definition of branding
• The role of trust in brand building
• The difference between product, service, B2B, and B2C branding
• The difference between purpose, mission, and vision
• How to find your brand’s core purpose

Afternoon: Your brand compass
With the basics under your belt, you’re ready to build a “brand compass,” including a purpose statement, onliness statement, and trueline. These will create a platform for all the brand experiences you’ll create for your customers.

What you’ll do
• Define the passion that will drive your brand
• Focus on what makes you the “only” in your category
• Turn your onliness into a trueline to guide future brand decisions
• Learn how to protect and grow your brand porfolio

DAY 2: 9am-5pm

Morning: Touchpoint design
With your brand compass as your guide, you’ll imagine and define new customer touchpoints to bring your onliness statement to life. You’ll make prototypes of customer experiences—stories, maps, models, or sketches—to create a total picture of the possibilities afforded by your brand compass.

What you’ll do
• Learn how to ride trends for free momentum
• Imagine customer touchpoints that “punch higher than their weight”
• Prototype models that paint a vivid picture of the brand experience
• Tell a story about your customers’ journey through the brand

Afternoon: Your brand roadmap
Now you’ll have some ambitious plans to pursue. But what is actually possible given the realities of time, funding, and competitive uncertainties? To address these issues you’ll build a basic roadmap that can modified, shaped, and corrected as events unfold.

What you’ll do
• Devise a series of “when” statements
• Sacrifice or postpone touchpoints that don’t pull their weight
• Learn how to stretch a brand without breaking it
• Connect your roadmap to an actionable timeline


DAY 3: 9am-12pm

Morning: Final presentations
After two days of conceiving, planning, and shaping your brand, a cross-section of participants will be invited to make presentations to the group. Participants can make suggestions for improvement, and Marty will offer a brief critique of each presentation.

Afternoon: BBQ celebration
Participants will reconvene in an outdoor setting (depending on the weather) to continue the conversation over lunch—sharing results, receiving feedback, and celebrating two-and-a-half days of mutual learning and progress.

Zag! 2015: Overview | Agenda | Location & Cost | Marty Neumeier


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