At our events, or during our membership drives, AIGA SB board members are sometimes asked a simple question: “Why AIGA?” It takes different shapes—Why join? Why sponsor? Why volunteer? What’s in it for me?—but it boils down to the same thing, and we always love to answer it.

In our experience, AIGA members—especially chapter leaders—have at least one story about how AIGA changed their career (and sometimes their life!) for the better. Why we’re members, why we volunteer, why we choose to lead, why AIGA is relevant.

We sometimes forget that creative professionals outside AIGA don’t get many chances to see how big our family is, how we’re connected, the depth of our influence, or how much heart we have.

The tangible benefits of getting involved are important, but for many of us it’s the community that sold us on AIGA. Our peers and colleagues challenged us to strive to be more and empowered us to improve the profession for others.

#WhyAIGA is how we’re showing that community. For AIGA Santa Barbara, that means three answers to three big questions: Why join? Why sponsor? Why volunteer?

Here’s why:

Join AIGA SB. These are your people: a local, regional, and national network of creative professionals. Get career support and personal camaraderie by sharing with and learning from your peers, at home and around the country. AIGA is the professional organization for design—it has been for over 100 years—and now it’s easier than ever to become a member.

Sponsor AIGA SB. Show you value quality work by supporting a quality organization. AIGA chapters, SB included, are nonprofits that depend on our generous sponsors. We are your best sales leads, so put your company name in front of an experienced, discerning and professional audience. Connect with and invest in a broad network of ambassadors who can amplify your message.

Volunteer for AIGA SB. Shape what happens. In a small chapter, a single volunteer can make a big difference! Take ownership of your career as a creative professional by joining or leading a team and setting the agenda together for your creative community. Make your mark by learning new skills that help plan and produce real, beneficial, and fun events or programs.

Be a part of AIGA Santa Barbara to become a better creative professional, and to stay happy doing what you love, by making real connections with your peers and giving back to the community.

What’s your story? Tell it to @aigasb at #WhyAIGA.

By aigasantabarbara
Published August 22, 2016
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