What is our Design Community Seeking?

We here at AIGA Central Coast are excited about the coming changes in 2019, because they are changes based on your feedback! As a Board, we will explore this further at our retreat in early February, when we create our new programming for the months to come.

At our “Discover AIGA CC” event back in December, we asked YOU to tell us how we can best serve our growing design community across the Central Coast (remember the sticky notes?). We’ve taken time to compile feedback from all 3 counties and really dig into how we can use your ideas, insights, and suggestions to shape the year ahead.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve shared the 5 main areas of focus for our chapter on social media (are you following us? You should be!). Below we’ve recapped them all for you in one place. But the conversation doesn’t stop here – we’ve included a question with each topic for you to answer in the comments (or on social media, or at our events, or via email…).

Inspiration and time + space to create.

We asked: How might we attract a community that shares, encourages, and inspires each other?

We’ve narrowed down your answers to these goals: fostering an open attitude, cultivating a culture of sharing and helping others, being inviting to everyone, encouraging creative problem solving, and providing emotional support. Some of your ideas to do this are host more portfolio reviews and critiques, share our industry case studies, participate in hackathons, and develop a creative coworking space.

Question for you: What do you value in a creative community?

Representation of both analog + digital design.

We asked: How might we invite a community that can seek inspiration and support both online, and in the real world?

You gave us all kinds of sources of inspiration! 47% use social media such as LinkedIn, Slack, and Facebook; 27% keep up with inspiring websites and blogs; 13% listen to podcasts; and 13% get their inspiration from fellow designers! We love these methods, and someone gave us the idea to boost the creative community’s inspirational juices by creating a community Slack channel, leveraging our Facebook page and group, or hosting virtual events to connect us all together.

Question for you: What online platform do you prefer when connecting with fellow designers?

Connection with like-minded individuals.

We asked: How might we provide opportunities for peer support & connection?

You gave us all sorts of great ideas for future connection-oriented events! We love the idea of hosting more mixers, art gallery visits, weekly or monthly meetups in each city, and studio tours.

Question for you: What ideas do you have that can help foster connections in the creative community?

Career development + mentorship opportunities.

We asked: How might we provide regular opportunities for professional growth & development?

There are tons of great ideas for this one! Some of our favorite answers were workshops centered on best practices and new and relevant design techniques, career options and pathways, and even TEDx-style talks!  

Question for you: What career-focused events would you like to attend in the next year?

A community to advise on ethical topics + issues.

We asked: How might we provide a forum to talk about ethics, politics and other factors + design, which impact our day-to-day and near future?

There are plenty of valid concerns when it comes to the rapid development in technology. Some of the top concerns we heard from you are privacy, voice/AI, computer ethics, blockchain, and technology supplementing real human interaction.

Question for you: What resources do you need to keep you informed and involved in the conversation around technological ethics?


Also be on the lookout for our new blog series titled “What About Design?”, with our first post looking at where the discipline of design has been and where it is going. We want your feedback and conversation! So stayed tuned and Happy 2019!

By AIGA Central Coast
Published February 1, 2019
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