Three Questions for: Tad Wagner

AIGA SB is shining a spotlight on our membership in 2014 with a new blog series called “Three Questions.” Our first victim is artist, photographer and musician Tad Wagner, art director at Oniracom in Santa Barbara.

Tad Wagner1) How do you stay inspired?
I try to create a piece of art every day and then post it on my Instagram page. The consistency of doing something daily has helped give me a sense of momentum and daily fun. It’s been a challenge to a sort of stale perfectionism that is easy to fall into. Enjoying creativity outside of my 9-5 has helped give me energy to approach my work.

2) Do you have a favorite piece or pieces of design you’ve made?
One of my favorite experiences was, through Oniracom, working with Doheny Days Music Festival to create their Logotype. It was a thrill to see the design on the main stage scaffolding, t-shirts, and a large cut-out beach display. I also have a recent drawing from my personal stash that I like a lot (full image below).

3) Does your work in one medium—say, visual art—complement your work in another medium, like music?
Yes, I love the parallels between visual art and music. I think things like dynamics, hierarchy, texture, contrast and harmony are just a few things that the two mediums share. Once you boil down what’s going on you can translate some of the emotional effect from one medium to another. I’m endlessly fascinated by how album artwork is informed by, and also informs music. One of the reasons I’m glad vinyl is having a resurgence is that artwork is back at bold 12”x12” dimensions.


By Keir DuBois
Published January 10, 2014
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