THANK YOU to our Membership!

AIGA’s Spring Membership Drive is well under way, and AIGA SB is taking this opportunity to send a shout out to our members (especially those NEW in 2016!).

You are our lifeblood and our reason for being. Thank you for your support—we couldn’t do what we do without you!

If you’re not a member yet, this is the week to join. During certain hours, everyone who joins is entered to win prizes worth up to $999!

Why join AIGA SB? Aside from all the tangible benefits?Because we’re your people: a local, regional, and national network of creative professionals. Get career support and personal camaraderie by sharing with and learning from your peers, at home and around the country. AIGA is the professional organization for design—it has been for over 100 years—and now it’s easier than ever to become a member.

AIGA Santa Barbara Members:


Ben Blanchard, DuPuis, NEW!
David Cowan, Cowan Communication Arts, 5 years
Patty Devlin-Driskel, Mark Oliver Inc., 8 years
Sabine Dodane, Rêves de Sabine, 7 years
Keir DuBois, Oniracom, 4 years
Andy Engel, Andy Engel Design Inc., 5 years
Leigh Haikin, DuPuis, 7 years
Ryan Harris, Applied Underwriters, 3 years
Jennie Jacobs, SBCC & Sansum Clinic, 6 years
Dani Kwan, CSU Channel Islands, 1 year
Cassi Lindberg, Yardi Systems, 2 years
David Mallen, UC Education Abroad Program, 1 year
Jason Moyer, Create Element, 3 years
Rachell Newburn, Collaboration Business Consulting, 8 years
Barbara Obermeier, Brooks Institute & Obermeier Design, 11 years
Mark Oliver, Mark Oliver Inc., 33 years
Elaine OMalia, Imagine That Designs, 1 year
Daniel Rhodes, DuPuis, 1 year
Tim Roof, Haagen Printing, 8 years
Allison Sacks, DuPuis, NEW!
Jessie Severin, Freelance, 1 year
John Silva, DuPuis, 19 years
Jean-Paul Tummler, DuPuis, 2 years


Cindy Bermant, Garcin Media Group, 10 years
Danielle Fox, Silverander Communications, 1 year
Jeff Hicks, Helix Medical LLC, 1 year
Lisa Hill, PHAROS Creative LLC, 2 years
Tom Hinkle, V3, 10 years
William Kienzel, Typographer, 8 years
Anna Lafferty, Lafferty Design Plus, 8 years
Chelsea Lyon, UCSB Art Director, NEW!
MaryKate Murphy, UC Berkeley Art Museum,NEW!
Marti Ogram, Riptide IO, 1 year
Ruth Von Eberstein, RAVE & Associates, 1 year


Scott Anderson, Westmont College Professor, 2 years
Daniel Blenkinship, Cal Poly SLO Student, NEW!
Sheila Calip-Coleman, Vons, 4 years
Norman Clayton, Classic Letterpress, 3 years
Mitra Cline, Foreverbird Studio, 3 years
Kayla Coleman, Freelance Art Director, 1 year
Marianne Cothern, Junior Designer,4 years
Holly Dickens, Hand Lettering Artist, 3 years
Kristin Ellison,, 1 year
Ellen Fabini, Cal Poly SLO Student, 1 year
Charmaine Farber, Cal Poly SLO Professor, 7 years
Nicki Gauthier, Instructor UCSB Extension, 1 year
Dianne Gomersall, Gomersall Design, 22 years
Irene Hoffman, Irene Hoffman Design+Advertising,5 years
Marissa    Hui, Freelance Designer, 1 year
Tracy Ibsen, Freelance Designer, 1 year
Kristin Laughton, Right At Home Interiors, 1 year
Jennifer LeMay, J. LeMay Studios, 2 years
Susan LeVine, Freelance Illustrator, 1 year
Mary Anne Masterson, Mix & Stir Studio 2 years
Gen Matsui, Freelance Designer, 2 years
Hilary McAvoy, Artisan Confections Company, 14 years
Cya Nelson, Cyan Design Studio, 3 years
Lynn Penkingcarn, Santa Barbara Foundation, 2 years
Kyler Pinkowski, Freelance, NEW!
Kevin Rehak, Santa Barbara City College, 5 years
Dennis Schuett, Designer, 4 years
Denne Sollenne, PACE Marcom, 2 years
Justyn St. Charles, Student, 1 year
Rick Thomas, Designer, 1 year
Jenny VanSeters, Creative Director, Daysaver, 1 year
Angela Warren, Freelance, 1 year
Kay Wharton, Wharton Graphics, 2 years
Steven Wolpe, Designer, 2 years
Carol Yeaman-Sanchez, xOverTime, 6 years
Ali Zikratch, Freelance, NEW!

This list is current as of Wednesday, March 30th. Want to see the latest? Check the always-up-to-date directory.

By aigasantabarbara
Published March 30, 2016
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