Snapshot 2014: Year-End Recap


What’s better than a successful year? Two in a row! AIGA Santa Barbara had a fantastic 2014, with enthusiasm, events and extra-curricular fun equalling the high mark of 2013. As always, our tireless volunteer board of directors was thrilled to mix it up with creative communities both here in the 805 and around the country. This year we produced ten events, three of which proved to be bonafide blockbusters: Marty Neumeier’s “Metaskills” presentation in March, the always-popular Portfolio Day in April (held again this year at HQ), and the “Art of Music” album cover/gig poster discussion panel in November.

Throughout the year AIGA chapters across the nation celebrated AIGA’s 100th birthday, and our own Marketing Director Irene Hoffman led AIGA SB’s efforts, fostering discussion about what “Design Is” at our Centennial Mixer in January and representing AIGA SB at the February “Facing Forward” exhibition in New York, where special chairs from each chapter (including ours, designed by Irene Hoffman, Sarah Schumacher, Tracy Sherwood and Patty Driskel with contributions by 39 chapter members) echoed the legendary original members’ march in 1914. Later in October we also hosted our own spin on AIGA’s “Lunch with a Visionary” series, driving to the Santa Ynez Valley to meet up with AIGA Fellow Mark Oliver on his home turf.

Speaking of road trips, AIGA SB did that frequently in 2014, returning to Ventura in June for a collaboration with the DuPuis Group and Brooks Institute for “Food Photography by Design,” and again in July to enjoy the city’s annual ArtWalk. We also trekked north to San Luis Obispo in April and May to meet with and support the Cal Poly SLO student chapter with their own annual portfolio review. The traveling didn’t stop there, either; Communications Director Keir DuBois and Marketing Director Irene Hoffman also flew to mile-high Denver and represented our chapter at the annual AIGA Leadership retreat.

Back home in Santa Barbara, AIGA SB also toured two wildly inspiring spaces: the Oniracom studio in May and Casa Dolores, the Mexican folk art museum in September. Later in September, AIGA SB board members scored invitations to “Rock the Mailbox,” Trish Witkowski’s direct mail presentation hosted by V3 and Fold Factory. Finally, we wrapped up 2014 in a goofy, kitschy bow with this week’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Social.

AIGA Santa Barbara’s 2014 Board of Directors is thankful for our local sponsors (, V3, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara Signs, and Mehosh Photography), our volunteers, and our chapter membership for helping make these events possible. It truly was an all-around grand time—so we can happily say that in 2014, from little mixers to big bangs, from Ventura to Carpinteria to Santa Barbara to Los Olivos to San Luis Obispo, creativity thrived in the 805. We’ll see you all again soon for a great 2015!

MORE PHOTOS: Most of the event pages linked above have links to event photos, but you can also check out the AIGA SB Facebook photo section.

Images above (left to right & top to bottom): “Design Is” selfie seat & “Facing Forward” reception (both by Irene Hoffman), Marty Neumeier does his thing (by Keir DuBois), students and reviewers at Portfolio Day (by David Cowan), the Oniracom guys in plaid (by Jennie Jacobs), the Shutterstock party in Denver (by Keir DuBois), Danny & Sabine from DuPuis (by Irene Hoffman), peppers & chocolate at DuPuis, lotería cards at Casa Dolores (both by Keir DuBois), Trish Witkowski does her thing, lunch in Los Olivos (both by Irene Hoffman), “Art of Music” green room refreshments, Kosh/Andy/Hale on stage (both by David Cowan), David and Patty’s winning holiday ugly sweaters (by Irene Hoffman).

By Keir DuBois
Published December 6, 2014
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