Panel: Video Game Design, from Hobby to Mega-Business

Video Game Design –
From Hobby to Mega-Business.

A look inside the remarkable world of the videogame industry.

For most people, the video game experience starts at the store and ends on the couch.

Few realize that creating a game can be as complex as making a Hollywood blockbuster.
Ever wonder where videogame ideas come from or how they’re made?
Hear how the videogame industry went from Pacman to Superheros and how technology impacts
game design from the early years of personal computers to today's Massively Multiplayer Online games.

And learn what’s its like to be inside the inner workings of designing and producing videogames
in this 120 Billion+ dollar industry.



Registration: 9:30 AM -10:00 AM

Program: 10 AM - 12 NOON

Guest speakers:

Michael Kosaka – Director of Game Design & Innovation, Leapfrog Enterprises. Michael is a pioneer game designer with over 27 years of experience. He has designed, created and produced games for Electronic Arts,  LucasArts, Sega, Atari with notable titles such as John Madden Football, Star Wars, NASCAR, Indiana Jones, PGA Golf among others.

Stephen Geering – Composer for Games, Films, TV,  Toys and Songs. Stephen is an award-winning composer including a Clio  award for his work the Coca-Cola. He has compsed music and sound for such interactive games and toys as Jade Dynasty, MimAnimals 2, Muppets Dance Party (Walt Disney Internet Group), Lost in Blue 3 Soundtrack Album among others.

When & Where
Sat, Nov 14, 2009 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM PST
Santa Barbara City College
A211 Stadium Media Auditorium- MacDougall Administration Building - East Campus
721 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109