Panel: Who Owns It? You Don’t! The Trademark & Copyright Battles


Who Owns it? You Don't!

Trademark and copyright battles and how they affect you.

What is a trademark or a copyright? How do you own it and protect it?

Who is affected..... business owners, designers, photographers, film makers, authors, computer software designers and many more.

Join us for a presentation and panel discussion on trademark and copyright
issues. Find out the process and how to protect your creativity. Then discover
why a trademark or copyright is so valuable.

Our panel representing the legal, creative and retail businesses will go over the trademark and copyright process and how to successfully navigate through to achieve your goal.

Mark Oliver
, CEO/Creative Director of Mark Oliver, Inc. will moderate this
discussion, calling on the expertise of copyright and trademark attorney Brett Locker, of the firm Schley, Look, Guthrie & Locker LLP,  Steve Thompson, Creative Director of Lifestyle Designs and former creative director for Nike and Global Brand Marketing and Jeff Burke, co-founder of BurkeTriolo Studio, FoodPix, Picture Arts, and chair of the board of governors of Brooks Institute.

With so much creativity and business savvy in the room, this promises to be a very engaging discussion. So listen to the veterans and then ask your own questions.

Attending the Trademark and Copyright event will

• Define the steps for you

• Show you how to protect your creativity

• Give you a great insight into both the legal and the creative process

Join us for an informative and entertaining evening.


When & Where
Wed, Oct 14, 2009 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PDT
Montecito Inn
1295 Coast Village Road
Montecito Ca 93108