The Designer Behind the Design: Member Showcase

UPDATE: View the showcase entries here! Don't miss the opening reception on Friday, May 20. Details at left.

You've done your job, and done it well. Everyone notices your client's logo, wine label, and ad campaign. They remember the sold-out concert and its awesome graphics. But where did the work come from? Designers make clients, events, campaigns, and websites memorable and marketable, but our role is invisible to the public. People rarely ask “who was the designer behind the design?”

Open to all AIGA SB members, this showcase will be held in the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara's Acheson House Gallery. The gallery is open to the public Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and is also used for AFSB, The Junior League of Santa Barbara and AIA Santa Barbara board meetings. There will be a gallery reception featuring AIGA Santa Barbara’s work on May 20.

Each AIGA SB member is limited to only one entry, including their creative statement and credits. Members must self-curate; their entry should be a significant piece of work created during their career. The work (and client) may be well known to the public, but the creator may be unknown. Entries may be print or digital, such as a recognizable campaign, poster, package design, brand identity, website, app, or brochure. Members may submit flagship pieces if they were on the piece's creative design or production team. Entries must include the member’s name, creative team, web address, and a brief, 75-word creative statement.

AIGA SB will also display the showcase's digital portfolio and creative statements on our website, with a special section for web/motion graphic entries. On opening night, those web/motion graphics entries will be displayed on a monitor as well as in the exhibition itself, with panels showing three key-frames, creative statements, and design teams from each entry. Visitors will be directed to the AIGA SB website to view all entries in these categories.

Our goal is to be inclusive. AIGA SB will make every effort to use actual pieces, but if we determine that’s not possible, we’ll request a digital printout of the chosen piece, which must fit the display setup requirements noted below.


April 1-May 6: Entry submission period
May 6: Entry submission deadline
May 13: Physical Entry delivery deadline
May 17: Show is hung
May 20: Gallery reception, show opens
June 23: Show closes

Note: Entries not received by May 13 will be included in the digital online show but not the gallery show.


What is your strongest, most impactful piece? Entries may be described as:

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Brand Identity, Brochures, Self Promotion, Packaging, Publication Design, Direct Mail, Advertising Design, Book Design, Poster, Invitation, Illustration, Wayfinding Signage, Web Design.

Physical Requirements: One space per entry; Series must be combined into a single unit as outlined below. We will make every effort to return physical pieces but we cannot guarantee their return. 

Single: Please enter the single printed piece.

Series: For a series, including brand identities and campaigns, the entry must be mounted on, or digitally output to, a single cover weight sheet not to exceed 16.5 x 23.4 inches. DO NOT MOUNT ON FOAM CORE OR MATTE BOARD. ENTRY WILL BE HUNG FROM WIRE HANGER LINE WITH CLIPS. SHOW PIECES NEED RIGIDITY BUT CANNOT BE HEAVY.

Web/App/Motion Graphics: Entries will be shown a monitor the night of the gallery opening. A special section at the show will display up to three stills from motion graphics or websites, plus the creative brief and design credits.

Packaging: Entries are limited to wall display only, so photos of packaging entries must be output on to a single cover weight sheet not to exceed 16.5 x 23.4 inches.

Brochures: Send the actual brochure and AIGA SB will do our best to include it in the show, displayed in a clear bag clipped to the wire line. Visitors may reach into the bag to review the brochure by hand.

Books: Send the actual book and AIGA SB will do our best to include it in the show, displayed (depending on weight) in a clear bag clipped to the wire line. Visitors may reach into the bag to review the book by hand. If the book is too heavy, AIGA SB would request the designer enter the piece digitally, outputting key pages and the cover to a single cover weight sheet not to exceed 16.5 x 23.4 inches.


AIGA Members: Single Piece $30; Series (up to 3) $45.

Note: there is no student member price. This will be a professional showcase only. Please also note that space will be limited in the gallery, so enter as early as possible.


The online registration process includes an image upload and creative statement fields. Display items for show can be dropped off at the following physical locations:

  • Santa Barbara: Oniracom, 720 Haley St., 805-695-8200 Attn: Keir DuBois
  • Ventura: The DuPuis Group, 394 E. Main St, Suite C  805-277-5200 Attn: Leigh Haikin
  • San Luis Obispo: Collaboration Business Consulting, 3196 S Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401805-541-9040 Attn: Rachell Newburn

Shipping: Entries can also be shipped to: Patty Devlin-Driskel, 1156 N. Fairview, Goleta 93117  805-708-5228.

Questions? Contact Patty Driskel 805-708-5228 or

AIGA SB members, show us your best work! Enter by midnight on May 6th, 2016.

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