Ben Jenkins: Live Slow, Make Fast

Is your business growing at a rapid pace? Are your commitments overwhelming you? Do you ask yourself "Did I do what I wanted to do today?" This is the talk for you. Pause to reflect with us for a moment on what inspires you and what you wake up the morning wanting to accomplish every day. Streamlining your work and life isn't easy, but it’s never too late to learn. The reward is more time with people and things you love, and more space for creative bliss.

About Ben
Ben JenkinsNative Texan Ben Jenkins is an American designer, brand strategist, entrepreneur, and semi-pro dad, husband, surfer, and angler. He is the founder of the branding company OneFastBuffalo, the sporting goods brand Warstic, Workhaus Lodge, Western Son Vodka, The Native American Branding Agency INDIG, and most recently the lifestyle brand ONEFASTco. A former professional baseball player, Ben spent a decade doing what most design firm and agency owners do: working. Not much else.

In his talk “Live Slow Make Fast” Ben discusses his thoughts on how creatives might consider dedicating to the long haul of mastering their craft without leaving their spirit, relationships and health behind. Ben presents concepts for learning to focus on what matters in order to free up time to live and work.

Learn why the idea of work-life balance is a myth for the creative person. Ben will reveal the difference between living a creative life that mindfully fuels your work and health vs. living the life of a person in the creative industry. For Ben, living #LSMF led to things like higher quality ideas and design, greater profits, limiting OFB’s client work season to 9 months per year, and living & working half-time on the road in a vintage Airstream trailer, and greatly improved health. Not to mention having time to develop his own brands outside of fee-based client work.

If nothing else, come for the partial male nudity!

The Venue
The event is on a private road with limited parking on the side of the lane in the grassy area. Additional parking off lane on Cuesta Verde. Carpooling is advised.

Directions: Take 101 to the Fairview exit. Go north towards the mountains and cross Cathedral Oaks, remaining on N. Fairview for approximately one more mile. Immediately following Cuesta Verde on the right look for the 1156 N. Fairview signage. Follow the private lane to the destination.

Ticket price includes food and drink.
Members and Students: $15
Non-Members $22

When & Where
Mon, Nov 30, -0001