Adaptive Thinking for the Modern Web

Over two decades into the practice of website development, the ever-present tension remains between design vs. programming, aesthetics vs. practicality, left brain vs. right brain.

Resolving that tension in order to complete projects has taken many forms, the most successful always boiling down to “are we moving toward the goal, or moving away from it?“ Agile web development dives right in to get the job done, fostering improvisation and communication between creative colleagues to eliminate mental and procedural obstacles blocking the finish line.

Learn about defining project scope, using stock vs. original assets, giving and receiving constructive criticism, valuing crossover skills, using helpful tools like FontAwesome or jQuery, and how users interact with designs.

Mike Wald, Oniracom's Chief Business Development Director, loves creating effective solutions for communication and transparency in the entertainment industry. Mike has been working with technology since playing on his first Apple in 1988; educated as an Ecological Anthropologist, he brings both scientific and sociological insight to every project. Mike has worked with a broad spectrum of technologies and even broader list of media in his 10+ years of web development, allowing him to make complex sites work beautifully.

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