Event Recap: Whaddya Know? Design Quiz Night

Matching famous designers with their even-more-famous logos. Trying to remember which celebrities were designers before they were famous. Figuring out which U.S. state flags don’t contain the color blue. Identifying the hex color for white, discerning Arial vs. Helvetica, and interrobangs, interrobangs, interrobangs. AIGA SB’s Design Quiz Night at Dargan’s earlier this week had everything, even a graphic-designing bartender.

Sneaking into the venue the Monday after St. Patrick’s Day proved to be a great move. Three teams entered, but only one emerged victorious. No huge recap here; it was just a fun night to geek out and unwind—but for those of us there, it was just what we needed. I was happy to be Quiz Master and lead everyone through four rounds of questions: Color, Design, Pictures/Visuals, and General Knowledge.


Thanks to event coordinators Irene Hoffman and Marianne Cothern for devising some wickedly difficult questions and thoroughly compiling the quiz rules. Thanks to Elin Thomson for keeping score. Thanks to Patrick at Dargan’s for taking care of us from behind the bar. Last but certainly not least, thanks to our competitors: team “Pattycakes,” team “Type 2” (the runner-up), and team “Freudian Slip,” who won the night by an Irish country mile, earning themselves free one-year memberships to Skillshare, courtesy of AIGA.

Rock Star Gig Rating: On a scale of “zero” to “insane,” this one had too much in common with the folk family sing-along on the other side of the pub to really count as a rock & roll gig—but since when is that the only yardstick for fun? Pass me the chips and no yelling out the answers tonight.

By Keir DuBois
Published March 23, 2016
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