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Circle Visual Design is a boutique agency founded by German Garces focused in solving communication challenges in both English and Spanish markets in the United States and around the world.

With a bilingual approach, German Garces has helped clients reach to new clients in need of new markets, monetizing on their products with new revenue channels.

In 2004, German streamlined the post-production of Nature’s Healthy Supply’s Hierbas Vitales TV infomercial when he took charge of the editorial process of the product. His involvement proved to be essential from a marketing point of view, but more importantly from a cost-cutting perspective, by reducing the number of people involved in the content-translation process of the infomercial.

The experience he gained from Hierbas Vitales, led him to direct and edit Prostata Vital, a new product with a market focus on the Hispanic market in the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. This infomercial was broadcast nationally with astounding success. After a brief hiatus a revised version of the infomercial will be broadcast in select markets in South America in late 2011.

With a close attention to detail, German went to produce marketing videos for Marymount of Santa Barbara (K-8), develop work for print, web and more recently, iOS applications.

In the last 6 months German has expanded his portfolio of services after developing KIDpedia Interactive Alphabet, KIDpedia Interactive Learning and KIDpedia Interactive Shapes for iPhone and iPad. Because German is always thinking in diversifying and new markets, these apps are developed for English, Spanish, French and bilingual users, he says he will be adding new languages to these apps.

In addition to these apps, German is secretly developing his new mobile app, which is in the pre-production stage and a web application that German is tight-lipped about it. He says he will let us know soon.

  • How long have you been a member of AIGA?
    I’ve been a member of AIGA since 2006 when I first learned about a bunch of design freaks meeting up in Santa Barbara.
  • How did you get involved with AIGA SB?
    When taking a class with Anna Lafferty, she mentioned the AIGA group and the meetings. We didn’t even have a chapter so I was curious about it. Besides, I had started listening to Debbie Milman’s Design Matter and she always had a thing for AIGA, and she later became president.
  • What type of work do you do?
    In addition to mobile apps development in Android and iOS, I develop web sites, consult for start ups setting up their online storefronts in their own websites, eBay and Amazon, design marketing materials for the web and print and work on video marketing campaigns.
  • What inspires you?
    My wife and children and our beautiful Santa Barbara.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do?
    Playing with my two boys, watch the Tour of France on TV (the Tour began on July 2nd, the day of this interview), movies and ride my bike.
  • What is the coolest thing about being involved with AIGA SB?
    Getting to know people with similar interests and passions is what I love about the chapter, a venue where we can share, meet and network.Portfolio Samples:Marymount of Santa Barbara
    Prostata Vital – part one

    3D Model of Prostata Vital

    Web Marketing Banners for Trikke
    Web banners produced by Circle Visual Design

    Web Marketing Banners for eBay
    Web banners produced by Circle Visual Design

    Print materials for Blue Casa
    Print design by Circle Visual Design

    Marketing campaign landing page for Trikke
    Landing page by Circle Visual Design
    Modified version can be seen here

    Mobile app development for KIDpedia Interactive Learning (English, Spanish & French)

By aigasantabarbara
Published July 2, 2011
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